Tom Angleberger Origami Yoda #3 The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee Singapore

Origami Yoda #3: The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee by Tom Angleberger (Hardback)

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With Dwight suspended, McQuarrie Middle School is missing its most famous attendee: origami Yoda. And no Yoda means no case file mystery to solve. But just as Tommy wonders if he'll ever find anything interesting to write about again, something BIG happens. Something BIG and HAIRY. It's a Fortune Wookiee, a paper fortune teller in the form of Chewbacca. Sara brings it to school as a gift from Dwight, and it seems to give advice that's just as good as Yoda's. Mysterious it is!

Tommy, Kellen, and Harvey are on the case. and when their classmates start having strange "Dwight Sightings" (sightings of Dwight in which he is Yoda-less and acting WAY too normal), the boys have TWO mysteries to solve. The closer they get, the more possible it seems that origami Yoda will be back...

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Reading Level: 8-9


"Tom Angleberger did it again! This book was great it had me laughing, and some times almost crying because of what was happening to Dwight. Angleberger picks up the story when Dwight leaves his former school to begin attending a new private school, which his almost girlfriend also attends, at this school Dwight is as normal as everyone else, he begins to lose who he is. Tommy, Dwight's almost best friend begins compiling a new case file when Sara one of their friends (and almost girlfriend) arrived to school with the Fortune Wookie, telling everyone that Dwight had sent it. Through the information that Tommy's gather he begins to realize that Dwight is in trouble and he needs to be made aware that everyone misses him at his former school, even Principal Rabbski! The next book from Angleberger promise to be packed with interesting things since Oragamy Yoda has predicted the beginning of a war between Rabbski and students! Can't wait to read it. "

"The series overall remains strong. The art direction is excellent, with all the illustrations and different handwriting, and of course, the fortune telling wookie on the cover. Dwight is now at a new school, and Tommy's trying to find out how he's doing. Other kids are dealing with lesser issues (how to get out of eating the Big Pink at Thanksgiving). But Rabbski the principal is up to something...and then this volume is just over.

No doubt there are good reasons for ending it where he did, but it felt like less than a full book. I am left wanting more just to finish this story."

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