The Adventures of Your Brain by Dan Green and Sean Sims (Hardback)

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The human brain . . . entertainingly explained! Filled with flaps, pull-tabs, wheels, and pop-ups, this colorful interactive book introduces children to the wonders of our brain.

How does the brain work? What does it do, and what do we understand about it? The Adventures of Your Brain allows kids to explore this amazing and amazingly complex part of our body. Each page offers loads of fun features to play with, so kids will love learning all the fascinating facts! 

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Reading Level: 8-9


"There is a great introduction to the anatomy and functions of the brain in this very colorful book loaded with flaps."

"This is such a fun book! I wish I would’ve had a book like this to learn about the brain. It is so fun with all of it’s interactive pages! It teaches about the brain in a fun way that all students, and even adults, would love!"

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