Jeffrey Brown Star Wars Jedi Academy #3 The Phantom Bully Singapore

Star Wars Jedi Academy #3: The Phantom Bully by Jeffrey Brown (Hardback)

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It's hard to believe that this is my last year at Jedi Academy. I've been busier than ever learning to fly (and wash) starships, sight-seeing in the Lake Country on Naboo, studying for the Jedi obstacle course exam, and tracking down dozens of voorpaks...don't ask. But now someone is setting me up to get in trouble with everyone at school. If I don't find out who it is--and fast--I may flunk out! Why can't middle school just be easy...?

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Reading Level: 8-9


"I think this volume was more compelling, as there wasn't just a good/evil side. Instead, Roan starts to see that those who might look like Sith (like Cyrus), might be able to change. The pranks were rather over the top, but I suppose that was the point. I wonder if there will be a high school version of this...which I definitely would read but am not one hundred percent sure how it would work, exactly."

"I have no excuse to read this series. My kid is too young for it yet, and I'm way too old for them. They won't be selected for any Best of the Year lists for children's books. But I love them and they make me so happy that I don't care who sees me reading them on the train. I would have been gaga about this series as a kid. Roan and his buddies are just trying to graduate from the middle school portion of Jedi Academy, dealing with tough teachers and bullies and obstacle courses along the way. The combo journal/graphic novel format is fab for reluctant readers. Adorable, funny, delightful."

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