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Origami Yoda #5: Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue by Tom Angleberger (Hardback)

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In their fight against FunTime, the tedious, elective-crushing test prep program, Origami Yoda and the Rebel Alliance have found powerful allies in unexpected places. But the allegiance of one mysterious, all-powerful figure remains to be seen: Principal Rabbski. She says she'll help the rebels, but how? The state standards tests are just a month away, and the FunTime Menace is as strong as ever.

With time running out, one rebel decides to take matters into her own hands. The rogue rebel's code name? Princess Labelmaker! Convinced the Alliance's case file will persuade Rabbski to join the Rebellion, Princess Labelmaker steals it and delivers it right to the principal herself! Will the case file convert the principal...or bring about the Alliance's doom?

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Reading Level: 8-9


"Yes! Join him you must. Only together can you withstand this enemy. An origami alliance you need." The students of McQuarrie Middle School are about to meet the Dark Side and it is FunTime. FunTime is a canned test prep program that is replacing their electives, including art, drama, chorus, and even JV sports. Why? Because their standardized test scores have fallen. Spurred on by Origami Yoda, the students form an alliance to fight this change.

Hilarious on the surface, but underneath it has very important messages: students (and parents) need to participate in the decisions that effect education; teachers and principals aren't the real enemy; and real change can only happen when the government understands that measuring educational success with standardized tests scores is counterproductive for our students, not to mention an inaccurate measure of what's important for the students to know. I truly hope the sequel has Origami Yoda testifying before Congress to end this inane "educational reform" that revolves around standardized tests and the corporations that get rich because of them. Maybe they'll listen to Yoda :)"

""The Suprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet", by Tom Angleberger is a really humerous sci-fi book. In this origami yoga book, Dwight has just returned from suspension. However, a new thing has arrived in Mquarry middle school, fun-time. Fun-time has replaced pretty much everything at made school. Now, Dwight has gathered a group of rebels including, Tommy, Sara, Harvey, and Lance, to put an end to fun-time and the singing calculator. My favorite character was Amy. Despite all the mushy stuff in the book, I love the fact that the book has actuall facts in it. I can't relate to any of the character in the story though. None of them have my personality. I love tha whole book. I wish it mentioned more on Jabba the puppet. Beside that, I loved it. It has plenty of graphics on the sides. A great way to get your imagination without actually taking up much space in which the text would go. This book deserves five stars. I has tons of humor. This book is for any Star Wars fan who loves to laugh. This book will keep you reading and won't let go of you."

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