Carla Diana LEO the Maker Prince Journeys in 3D Printing Singapore

LEO the Maker Prince: Journeys in 3D Printing by Carla Diana (Hardback)

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LEO the Maker Prince teaches children (both young and old) about 3D printing by following Carla and LEO's journey through Brooklyn. LEO is a walking, talking robot who has the magical ability to to print (in plastic) any object that Carla draws. The other robots have their own special capabilities: H1-H0 prints in metal, Sinclair-10 can find and print objects from a huge catalog of designs, and the others (including AL1C3-D, IRIS-7, and NiXie) have unique talents, too. Readers can come along for the journey, too: all of the objects in the book are printable one way or another.

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Reading Level: 8-9


"This Librarian Uncle says: The book has a cute story and is a good introduction to exploring the many ways in which 3D printers can be used. I have to disagree though with the 5-8 year old reading age for this book though. I would say it's probably more for a 7-10 year old if they are reading the book on their own, because of some of the vocabulary that is used. There is also an abundance of specific New York borough references that need some explanation from the author to the reader that don't really need to be there and somewhat detract from the point of 3D printers. This book would be a good choice for a child who is interested in technology and creating new things."

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