Walk This World by Jenny Broom (Hardback)

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A celebration of life in a day.

A composite of global cultures, Walk this World celebrates the everyday similarities and differences that exist between cultures around the world. Travel to a new country with every turn of the page, each with new surprises to discover: peek through windows, open doors, and delve underground by opening the many flaps on every spread.

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Reading Level: 6+


"My daughter loves the flaps to lift, I love the stylized illustrations and the 4 line poems on each city. The book goes through a global journey, touching down at (in order) New York, Paris, Lagos, an imaginary Italian city that is a mashup of Pisa and Venice(!?!), Moscow, an imaginary Brazilian city that mashes up Rio, Salvador AND Brasilia (?!?), New Delhi, Sydney, London, Tokyo and then back to New York! A 5 star book for our global family!


"Such an amazing book. I was obviously more impressed than my daughter (at this point), but she enjoyed the flaps nonetheless. Lovely journey around the world, with a great message of how we are culturally different but still the same, underneath."


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