Trains: A Pop-Up Railroad Book by Robert Crowther (Hardback)

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3-D master Robert Crowther is right on track with an information-packed, interactive celebration of trains then and now.

Have you ever wondered how a steam engine works? Do you have a hankering to don an engineer's cap and race a locomotive under tunnels and over bridges? Loaded with flaps, pull-tabs, 3-D trains, and a spectacular pop-up model of a bustling railroad station, Robert Crowther's sturdy exploration of trains and how they work is a tour de force of paper engineering and a bonanza for railroad aficionados of all ages. What's more, it's filled to the brim with fun facts and intriguing information lurking behind, around, and even on top of its many marvelous, movable trains.

Reading Level: 8-9

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"This book is a very well constructed pop up book. A train actually moves in and out of the tunnel! The best thing I like about it is, besides the cool pop ups, it's also very educational.

"My 2 twin nephews are obsessed with trains (I assume they're like many other little boys out there). Their house is full of cars, trains, etc. THey are almost 3 yrs old. I bought this (and another pop up book) for them for xmas. Their parents just told me that they are obsessed with his pop up book. I don't think they've ever owned a pop up, most people stay away from buying these for kids b/c they will break them. And yes, that probably will happen, but pop ups are just so amazing. And the fact that this is about trains, they are enamored with this! There is too much factual detail for them, but, they actually do like listening to them read it (a little bit of paraphrasing required for 3 year olds) and they like the moving parts that some of the pages have."

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