William Steig Sylvester and the Magic Pebble Singapore

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig (Paperback) Winner of 1970 Caldecott Medal

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One rainy day, Sylvester finds a magic pebble that can make wishes come true. But when a lion frightens him on his way home, Sylvester makes a wish that brings unexpected results.

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Reading Level: 7+


"How does an innocent animal story of a donkey who finds a magic pebble that grants his wishes, end up on a challenged book list? When it is written in the late 1960's and pictures pigs in cop uniforms. Interestingly enough, the next door neighbor pig, dressed in pajamas, who helps to look for Sylvester is never mentioned in the challenge. Ultimately, this is a gentle story of a donkey who mistakenly makes a wish that turns him into a rock and how his loving and distraught parents, manage to break the spell, and find their beloved Sylvester. The story ends in hugs and kisses and the love of good family. Hardly the subject matter of a book to be challenged. A good read aloud for young children. The pigs dressed in uniforms will not be upsetting to them. Promise."

"Sylvester the donkey spends his time finding pebbles. One day he finds a magic pebble that grants all of his wishes. The pebble even saves him from being eaten by a lion! Sylvester decided to turn himself into a rock in efforts to camouflage himself. Once he truns himslef into a rock, he can not transform himself back into a horse. He disappears for seasons. One spring day, his parents find him and help him to transform back into a donkey. This is a cute story for primary grades. It is entertaining and the students loved the illustrations. It is an excellent story for a read aloud."


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