Peach & Blue by Sarah Kilborne (Paperback)

Peach & Blue by Sarah Kilborne (Paperback)

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He is a blue-bellied toad hopping aimlessly through life.  She is a sad peach yearning for escape and adventure.  Then one remarkable day, Peach and Blue explore the pond that Blue calls home and awaken each other to a world neither has ever really seen before.  Lush illustrations by the award-winning illustrating team of The Salamander Room and The Frog Prince, Continued perfectly complement this unique and graceful story.

This book is part of the curriculum for our newly-launched Critical Thinking Workshops!

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Reading Level: 6+


"Beautifully illustrated, this book will have you in tears. A very touching story about a friendship that develops between a blue bellied toad and a sad peach. One hopping through life and the other longing to discover the world. Together they see things they never saw on their own, alone. A sincere, poignant, heartfelt story that teaches on a deeper level, more so than other books for this age. Two and up through elementary will enjoy, and one day they too will grasp the real meaning of the story. It is one of our family favorites."

"This book shows that no matter how different you are or where you come from, you can develop a friendship with anyone if you are willing to help each other out. I think this book could be read to any age because everyone needs to be reminded about what a friendship actually is and not what kids can make of it."

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