Eric Carle Papa Please Get the Moon for Me Singapore

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle (Hardback)

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In this unique and delightful picture book, the story literally unfolds as pages open dramatically, extending both outward and upward. Monica wants the moon to play with, so her Papa sets out to get it for her. It isn't easy to climb all the way up to the moon, but he finally succeeds -- only to find that the moon is too big to carry home! The way in which this problem is solved is a joyful surprise.

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Reading Level: 4+


"The book entitled “Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me” tells the story about a little girl who wants to play with the moon, but no matter what cant reach it. So instead she asks her father to get it for her and once he succeeds in using a long ladder the moon is too big. So he waits for the moon to get smaller and then brings it to Monica. This is such a great book. This book would be awesome for a classroom when learning about the moon’s phases. The book falls under the topics of perseverance, solar systems, and moons. The reading level for this book is K-2. While this book has little words, the author manages to tell the story through the pictures and words. They both compliment each other making the book fun and understandable, especially for a child. This book has no weaknesses in my eyes."

"Sure, it sets impossible standards for myself as a father whose limits are planted firmly within reality. And sure, it plays fast and loose with the laws of physics. But my two-year-old loves it, from the angular paintings to the fold-out pages, from the daddy and daughter to the moon and stars. And isn't that all that really matters?"

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