Al MacCuish Operation Alphabet Ministry of Letters Singapore

Operation Alphabet (Ministry of Letters) by Al MacCuish (Hardback)

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Welcome to England’s Ministry of Letters, the place where all the words in the world—in books, magazines, newspapers, road signs, posters, and more—start their lives, and from which the letters coordinate their critical missions to help children learn the alphabet.

This book tells the story of Charlie Foxtrot, who starts school and finds mastering the alphabet confusing. The members of the Ministry’s Special Alphabet Service set off on a mission to Scotland to help Charlie and to open his mind to the power of letters and words.

The charming artwork, reminiscent of classic children’s book illustrations from the 1950s and 1960s, combines with the witty text to bring the characters of the alphabet to life.

Reading Level: 7+


"This is a beautiful book. It reminded me of the Christmas annuals I used to get because it is similar in size. It comes in hard-back with a dustcover which doubles up as an Alphabet poster by turning it to the reverse side. Inside the story is about the alphabet so is ideal for young children who have a knowledge of the alphabet. My 4-year-old, coming on 5 loved it. She especially loves looking at the poster and going through it, from A to Z.

But this book isn't just words. It is illustrated with double-page full colour spreads throughout with the art style evident from the cover. This art and the story bring the alphabet to life, literally. All in all I thought this book was beautiful and perfect for its intended audience. It would make an ideal gift for a young child.


"I got this book for the kids and we love it. Did you know that the ministry of letters is situated in a postbox in London!"

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