Morris the Moose by B Wiseman (Paperback)

Morris the Moose by B Wiseman (Paperback)

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Determined to prove that the cow he meets is really a moose, Morris the moose enlists the help of a rather confused deer and horse.

This book is part of the curriculum for our newly-launched Critical Thinking Workshops!

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Reading Level: 6+


"Morris knows he is a moose and thinks everyone else is a moose also because they all look similar. When Morris meets the cow the cow has a hard time trying to get Morris to understand they are different when they decide to ask someone else. The deer wasn't any help. I used this book to do predictive reading with 2nd graders and by the time the horse came around I was able to cover all of the words on the page and they were able to accurately predict what the text said because it's repetitive. My favorite part, as it was for the kids, was Morris' "MOOSE-take". Very cute."

"This book is a carefree and funny book! I enjoy how each animal thought the others were the same as their own, only because they each had four legs, a tail, and things on their heads. The book shows children to be accepting of each other's differences and to be open to making mistakes. Each character in the book made a mistake, but they all were OK with their mistakes in the end. The moose even says, "I made a MOOSEtake!""

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