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How Do Dinosaurs Eat their Food? by Jane Yolen (Hardback)

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Jane Yolen runs through the gamut of mealtime bad behaviour, satisfyingly concluding with impeccably behaved dinosaur guests.

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Reading Level: 3+


"How do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food is just a god funny book that the children love to read! They think it's funny and they love to see the different dinosaurs fumble over themselves in each illustration. I would use this book in the classroom to connect to the real world for children. Children love dinosaurs so if I were to do a unit on dinosaurs I would definitely include this book not to teach any facts about dinosaurs but may be to put inside one of my learning centers to support the theme as well as show students how to spell different dinosaurs names."

"I love this book and so do my children, ages 5 and 7. This is a book that they know most of the words to, because we read it so often. The book is very interactive. The first half of the book asks questions (which my kids love to answer with a vehement 'NO'), such as, "How does a dinosaur eat all his food? Does he burp, does he belch, does he make noises quite rude?". The second half of the book answers all the questions from the first half with the proper way a dinosaur should behave while eating. This is a fun way to sneak in a lesson in proper manners, in particular, while eating. I also like that on the inside cover, there are pictures and the technical names of the actual dinosaurs featured in the story. So, I'd also consider it to have elements of science to it."

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