Hello Genius: Mouse Says

Hello Genius: Mouse Says "Sorry" by Michael Dahl (Board Book)

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As mouse rushes home to dinner, he apologizes for tracking mud everywhere he goes.

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Reading Level: 2+


"This one is super cute and it's easy for my daughter to tell what's going on and WHY the little mouse is saying "Sorry!" When I read it, I elaborate what the mouse is saying... ("Sorry ducky!" or "Sorry turtle!") and explain a little better what happened ("Uh oh! Ducky was painting a picture and the mouse got mud on it!"). But the dialogue in the book is equivalent to the other in the series, so I won't count that against the book. :) Really cute!"

"Another great book in the "Hello Genius" series. Squirt asks for this book all the time, says the "Sorry!" parts, and really enjoys participating in the reading."

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