K.F. Seetoh Goh Bee Lock and the Three Boars Singapore

Goh Bee Lock and the Three Boars by K.F. Seetoh (Paperback)

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A playful girl named Bee Lock stumbles upon three boars in a forest. While the normal reaction would be to turn your heels and run as fast as you can to safety, let’s see what this feisty Singaporean girl does, turning this popular fairy tale on its head with a surprising local twist! You won’t want to miss how foodie KF Seetoh has reimagined this classic story!*Despite our best efforts to predict the demand for books, the magical spells we use sometimes fail us. So to check if we have the book in-stock before you place your order, contact us at 6702 2452 or drop us an email at myimaginationkingdom@gmail.com


Reading Level: 6+
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