Emmanuel Guibert Ariol 3 Happy as a Pig Singapore

Ariol #3: Happy as a Pig...by Emmanuel Guibert (Paperback)

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Ariol's best friend, Ramono, is a pig. He's also loud, impulsive, irresponsible, and has a big snout that looks like a light socket. Sneaking into a parking garage to play with fuses, carting grandpa's dog around in a wheelbarrow, wrestling matches with his sister; you may have thought Ariol was trouble enough, but you've never seen Ramono on the loose!

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Reading Level: 7+


"You know, there's something about college classes that makes me really desire adorable midgrade age comics and this totally fixed it. Super cute donkey and pig are best friends and crack me up with their middle school antics. very cute and silly. now i have to finish the series."

"With the third book in the series, I find I'm liking Ariol a little bit more with each book. He feels like a real kid. He knows the rules and knows he should follow them, but he is easily lead astray by his friends. Readers will recognize someone they know in the characters here. And have fun reading about them."

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