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The Goodnight Train by June Sobel (Board Book)

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All aboard for Dreamland! Hold on to your pillow because the Goodnight Train is taking off. Roll that corner, rock that curve, and soar past mermaids, leaping sheep, and even ice-cream clouds. You won't want to miss a thing, so whatever you do, don't . . . close . . . your . . . eyes!            With soothing, lyrical words and magical illustrations, June Sobel and Laura Huliska-Beith have created a nighttime fantasy that's guaranteed to make even the most resistant sleeper snuggle up tight.

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Reading Level: 2+


"I randomly picked this up at the library and it is probably one of my favorite children's books ever. The illustrations are beautiful, whimsical, and engaging. The story is unique and just super cute. I love it so much that I'm reviewing it--and I've never reviewed a children's book before. That's mostly because I think adding a bunch of children's books to your "read" shelf is just a cheap way of increasing the number of books on said shelf, but this one is good enough I can have one cheapy, right?"

"This one was a fun one for us. My 5 yr old wasn't as interested, but my preschoolers loved it. Besides the adorable illustrations and the fact it was about a train, it was also nice to see a different sort of idea about the goodnight train. The cars were made up of beds and other items needed before going to sleep. (ie beds, bathtubs, toothbrushes, etc.) It made for a fun story that was easy and entertaining to follow along with. The rhyming made it fun for me to read out loud. Probably a book best for babies through preschoolers as there isn't enough substance to keep an older child interested."

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