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Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by James Dean (Hardback)

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A nice addition to the Pete the Cat series, this book is based loosely on "The Night Before Christmas" and told in the lyrical sing-song that parents and children would be familiar with from Pete the Cat. The book tells the story of how Pete the Cat makes Christmas happen by helping Santa who falls sick the night before. Boys will revel in the story while being taught the values of helping a friend and how that can make a difference to others.

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Reading Level: 3+


"My Pete in a Christmas tale? Yes, I happy danced all over the bookstore. :D The cover alone had me smiling ear to ear.

Bright holiday colors light up the pages filled with fun and inspiration. The sight of Pete and his reindeer dashing across the night sky in his groovy minibus will make readers of all ages giggle and cheer.

In the season of giving, Pete’s lesson to all is that the size of your heart is what matters the most!

Hope you let this cool, cool cat bring a little jingle into your reading hearts.


"Pete the Cat books are always good. This one is singable to the tune of "Feliz Navidad," which ALSO happens to be a picture book. Serious storytime fun."


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