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My New Baby by Rachel Fuller (Board Book)

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There is so much to find out when a baby is born! What does it smell like, and when will it walk? When does it sleep, and what does it like to eat? A new addition to any family is exciting, but the experience can alsobe worrying and confusing for siblings. Coping with the new situations and emotions that arise can be very challenging. This series of four board books deals with the anticipation of waiting for the new baby, the excitement of the arrival itself, and the beginnings of the special relationship that develops between siblings. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between reader and child.

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Reading Level: 1+


"I bought this book for my grandson to help him get ready for his new baby sister. I loved that it did not make it seem like the baby would be competition but a new addition. It shows the mother breast feeding in a nice discreet way that seems very natural. It helped him prepare for extra time the baby would need but that he is still very important. I highly recommend this book for toddlers expecting a new sibling."

"My 18-month-old chooses this book to be read to him over and over. It has bright, clear pictures and fun text. Even my husband got a laugh out of it when he read it the first time."

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