Chris Colfer Land of Stories #4 Beyond the Kingdoms Singapore

Land of Stories #4: Beyond the Kingdoms by Chris Colfer (Hardback)

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Fairy tales are just the beginning.

The Masked Man is on the loose in the Land of Stories, and it's up to Alex and Conner Bailey to stop him...except Alex has been thrown off the Fairy Council, and no one will believe they're in danger.

With only the help of the ragtag group of Goldilocks, Jack, Red Riding Hood, and Mother Goose and her gander, Lester, the Bailey twins discover the Masked Man's secret scheme: He possesses a powerful magic potion that turns every book it touches into a portal, and he is recruiting an army of literature's greatest villains!

So begins a race through the magical Land of Oz, the fantastical world of Neverland, the madness of Wonderland, and beyond. Can Alex and Conner catch up to the Masked Man, or will they be one step behind until it's too late?

Fairy tales and classic stories collide in the fourth adventure in the bestselling Land of Stories series as the twins travel beyond the kingdoms!

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Reading Level: 10-12


"Just finished the book! best best book ever! Only one downside discovered by me, it has an abrupt stop. I mean it is still an amazing book from my point of view. Here comes the spoiler, they're "undead" dad is actually Uncle Lloyd! Lloyd's dream is to destroy the fairy-tale world and rebuild it in his own glory."

"Writing this review with a 4th grader!
Chris Colfer successfully writes another fantastical tale about Connor and Alex who interact with fantastical beings and creatures! We love how he uses old fashioned fairy tales and intertwines them with his stories. Get ready for the crazy twist at the end!

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