June New Arrivals!

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It's the June holidays and here's our selection of summer reads to keep your child happy and well-occupied. Enjoy!

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Books for Children Aged 2+

In Maisy Goes on Holiday, Maisy enjoys packing her suitcase, then meeting Cyril at a busy station and catching a train to the seaside. They have lots of fun on the beach and at the café, write postcards to their friends and finally sleep a peaceful night at their hotel (after bouncing on the beds, of course).

There’s so much for Maisy and her friends to discover in the museum: collections of old toys, dinosaurs, cars, costumes … even a large mammoth – a favourite of Eddie’s. “Now for the food collection!” says Charlie, as he leads them to his favourite room … the café.

Slip, slide, leap, and dive with a family of seven lively ducklings as they get ready to fly for the very first time. Keith Baker's playful, rhyming text and bold collage illustrations capture the excitement of a day's adventures--and gently introduce counting.

Books for Children Aged 3+

1. Mister Magnolia by Quentin Blake (Paperback)

Mister Magnolia has only one boot - he has an old trumpet, two sisters, a pond, green parakeets, some fat owls, a scooter, a swimming pool; he's a juggler, a general, the owner of a dinosaur... But only one boot - until a wonderful parcel arrives with the most glamorous boot you ever saw. Quentin Blake has created a wonderfully lovable comic character which will crease every child with laughter.

Books for Children Aged 4+

Richard Byrne has taken an obscure lemur-type animal and placed him at the heart of a quirky children's picture book which carries a simple message about being different. This Book Belongs to Aye-Aye is a story within a story about an unconventional animal who would love to star in his own right but is consistently upstaged by a pair of cute and fluffy bunnies. With appealing illustrations and a sparky story, This Book Belongs to Aye-Aye is sure to become a bedtime favourite.

It's backwards! It's inside out! It's every letter for itself! This laugh-out-loud romp is not your average alphabet book!

Z is tired of always having to be last when the alphabet family lines up. He is demanding fair and equal treatment! The letters (more or less) agree to go backwards, but it's not long before P has some ideas of his own. And so does H, for that matter. In fact, it seems as if almost every letter has a different opinion about how the alphabet should be arranged. It's chaos! It's pandemonium! And it's definitely not as easy as A-B-C! Filled with visually humorous details, Bob Kolar's colorful illustrations are the perfect foil for Alethea Kontis's snappy story about the comic confusion that comes when the letters of the alphabet, like a class of unruly children, step out of order and show that each one has a mind of its own.

Books for Children Aged 6+

Join the hunt for Wally in Hollywood. Wally and his friends are in the land where dreams are made, and they're hidden in every scene. This is the fourth Wally adventure.

Books for Children Aged 7+

Roald Dahl was a champion of the underdog and all things little—in this case, an orphaned boy oppressed by two nasty, self-centered aunts. How James escapes his miserable life with the horrible aunts and becomes a hero is a Dahlicious fantasy of the highest order. You will never forget resourceful little James and his new family of magically overgrown insects—a ladybug, a spider, a grasshopper, a glowworm, a silkworm, and the chronic complainer, a centipede with a hundred gorgeous shoes. Their adventures aboard a luscious peach as large as a house take them across the Atlantic Ocean, through waters infested with peach-eating sharks and skies inhabited by malevolent Cloudmen, to a ticker-tape parade in New York City. This happily ever after contemporary fairy tale is a twentieth-century classic that every child deserves to know. 

Share in the adventures of Sinbad in this wonderful re-telling of his travels. The stories of Sinbad the Sailor are some of the best loved tales from "The Arabian Nights". Travel over the seas and follow Sinbad's adventures retold in Marcia Williams' vivid comic-strip style. These seven stories are presented in an entertaining and accessible way packed with hilarious creatures and spectacular feats! Also publishing this month are "God and His Creations" and "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table".

Books for Children Aged 8-9

'There are many boys in the world, all slightly different from one another, and most of them are referred to by names. These are often John or Jack or Desmond, but sometimes they are James or Philip or Simon. Once, and once only, there was a boy whose name was Fizzlebert.'

Fizzlebert Stump lives in a travelling circus. But although he gets to hang around with acrobats, play the fool with clowns, and put his head in a lion's mouth every night, he's the only kid there - and he's bored. But then Fizz decides to join a library, and life suddenly gets a lot more exciting, when a simple library card application leads to him being kidnapped by a pair of crazed pensioners! Will he ever see the circus again?

Roald Dahl's Matilda is an enchanting story of a brilliant young bookworm who overcomes huge obstacles to find happiness. Matilda's father is a crook and both her mum and dad are too wrapped up in their own lives to notice how extraordinary their daughter is. But with the help of the local librarian and her lovely teacher Miss Honey, Matilda battles her ignorant family and villainous headteacher Miss Trunchbull. 

When Pepper Roux wakes up on the morning of his fourteenth birthday he knows that this is the day when he's supposed to die. But what if he isn't ready to fulfil the prophecy? This all-too-believable death-defying hero sets sail on a sea of adventures, taking on many personas as he tries to outrun fate. Can Pepper stay one step ahead of death? And if he survives, which of his many lives will he choose to adopt? An instant classic from this award-winning author.

Books for Children Aged 10-12

Dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, this latest wonderful offering from Marcia Williams is full of her characteristic humour. Packed with cartoon-strip illustrations and short biographies, it looks at the discoveries of many famous - and not so famous - inventors from around the world, including Leonardo da Vinci, Antonio Meucci, Alexander Graham Bell, John Logie Baird, Thomas Edison, James Watt and many of their predecessors. Three cheers for inventors!

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