What Sallamah Didn't Know by Sharon Ismail (Paperback)

What Sallamah Didn't Know by Sharon Ismail (Paperback)

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What Sallamah Didn't Know tells of the true life story of the author's mother. Sallamah, was born into a poor Chinese family where male babies were revered over female ones. She was given away to a Malay family during a time when inter-racial adoption was a common practice in Singapore. Sallamah grew up thinking that her life was ordinary. She lived in an ordinary kampong with an ordinary family and had an ordinary group of friends whom she played ordinary games with. Little would she realise that an innocent-looking piece of paper would reveal a secret which her parents had painstakingly kept from her. The book takes the reader through Sallamah's journey and discusses the true meaning of family.

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Reading Level: 7+

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