The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Classic Collectible Pop-Up by Robert Sabuda (Hardback)

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This deluxe pop-up version of Baum's timeless classic celebrates Oz's 100th anniversary, and includes such special effects as the twisting cyclone, the wizard's balloon sailing into the sky, and a holographic foil for the Emerald City. This slightly abridged version unfolds in booklets on every spread, each sprinkled with additional pop-ups.

Reading Level: 8-9

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"After my first encounter with Sabuda's work I must admit that the book's three-dimensional illustrations are very eye-popping and well-crafted. All the standup mini works of art allow the reader to interact with the book. Such a version of one of the most known stories for children brings all the fabulous events to life and makes an illusion that the reader is a part of the story. I would recommend this book to everyone, not only children, because it is a masterpiece of children picture books.

"This book is unlike anything else I have ever seen. A pop-up book, but that sounds so small compared to what this is, like referring to The Mona Lisa as some paint, or Michelangelo's David as a hunk of rock. This glorious work is told in a shorter version of L. Frank Baum's original text, with artwork in the style of W. W. Denslow(original Oz illustrator). With sparkling touches of colored foil and Emerald City eyeglasses, and complex pop-ups that are beautiful from all dimensions this is a work of art that deserves a special place on your family shelf."

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