Evelyn Sue Wong The Naughty Mynah Singapore

The Naughty Mynah by Evelyn Sue Wong (Paperback) Sponsored by bilingualism.sg

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Paul Jones, a visiting art teacher who has just arrived in Singapore, befriends a clever mynah that can speak English and Mandarin. Agreeing to help Mr Jones learn Mandarin, the mynah accompanies him to surprise his students on the first day of school. The mynah soon learns from the students and Mr Jones that it is too clever for its own good. Or does it?

This engaging story helps young readers develop an appreciation for the diverse language environment they live in. Through the basic concepts of “translating” and “opposites”, readers are encouraged to think about the role and importance of bilingualism in their daily lives. A bilingual glossary is provided at the end of the book for easy reference.

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Reading Level: 4+

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