The Jungle Book: A Pop-Up Adventure by Matthew Reinhart (Hardback)

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In this stunning retelling of a phenomenal classic, honor is tested, battles of good over evil are waged, and the importance of family reigns supreme. True to Rudyard Kipling's original story, tree branches literally draw the reader in to this tale of Mowgli the Man Cub exploring the ruins of the Lost City, riding atop thundering elephants, and facing a fierce tiger attack! A must-have for every family's library, this epic pop-up adventure features paper engineering as intricate and magical as the very laws of the jungle.

Reading Level: 8-9

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"You might think I bought this book for my son. And I did...sort of. He isn't quite old enough to fully enjoy the book so we read it together, mostly enjoying the fantastic "paper engineering" (it is too intricate to be called a mere 'pop-up book'), and sometimes I go through it myself; reconnecting with my childhood scouting and still-current love of Kipling. This book is more than pretty artwork - although it has that in spades. The story of a boy growing up with wolves to be entirely human and finally choosing to leave the pack and jungle that was his home is still potent and emotional.

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