Eric Carle Richard Buckley The Greedy Python Singapore

The Greedy Python by Eric Carle and Richard Buckley (Board Book)

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The Greedy Python is quick to gobble up every creature he meets--including to his own great misfortune, himself, when he mistakes the tip of his tail for a lunchtime treat.

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Reading Level: 3+


"Simple lesson about not taking more than you can handle. I had to laugh when the python swallowed an elephant. What happens to the greedy snake in the end is surprising, funny, and meaningful all at the same time."

"Wonderful read! The Greedy Python is about a snake that decides to eat different animals in the jungle. He continues to eat more and more animals unable to stop. The story ends with the python seeing his own tail, not knowing it was his tail the python bites his own tail and ends up disappearing. I would use this story inside my classroom when reading aloud to a large book. I would talk to my students about the importance of not being greedy and taking too much of something that you don’t necessarily need. This book is appropriate for students in grades pre-k through 3rd grade."

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