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The Gentleman Bug by Julian Hector (Hardback)

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The Gentleman Bug is perfectly content leading his quiet life in the garden as a school teacher and bookworm. He doesn't even mind the ceaseless teasing of the more dapper bugs. But everything changes when the Lady Bug arrives in town. The Gentleman Bug falls legs over antennae for her at first sight. How will the Gentleman Bug win his fair Lady Bug's heart?

Author/illustrator Julian Hector has created a fanciful world in which love is closer than it seems and a good book is all a bug really needs.

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Reading Level: 5+


"Julian, Y U always so wonderful? The colors in this book are my favorite. My students love The Gentleman Bug's students' families, and I thought the garden's London-ish nature was perfect.

Upon an additional reading, I am impressed anew at this book as a reinterpretation of Cinderella. Love it."

"Gentleman Bug loves to read, sometimes others make fun of him but he doesn’t mind because he loves reading. He teaches a class to help others read. One day Lady Bug arrives in town and Gentleman Bug wants to get her attention so he tries to be someone that he isn’t. In the end he goes back to being his normal self and gets an invitation to the new library where Lady Bug is the librarian and they enjoy their time together reading.

Really cute story, not too many words per page which makes this perfect for young kids and the story is really cute that older kids and librarians alike will love this book. "

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