Adeline Foo The Diary of Amos Lee 3 I'm Twelve I'm Tough I Tweet Singapore

The Diary of Amos Lee 3: I'm Twelve, I'm Tough, I Tweet! by Adeline Foo (Paperback)

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It’s my last year in primary school and I’m taking part in my school’s first Tween Idol contest!

I got myself a Twitter Account to gain supporters. I’m furious that my arch enemy, Michael, is doing the same. Oh man, he’s everywhere—Facebook, IM, YouTube, you name it. But what he doesn’t realise is how popular I am. My secret weapon? My sister WPI (Whiny, Pesky and Irritating) and her two-girl band. She’s so popular these days it’s good to be her big brother. I’m kind of sad that my best friend, Alvin, is also running against me in the contest, but hey, may the best man win. Psst…I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.

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Reading Level: 10-12


Its a good book for people who like to read diaries and interact with someones daily lives.Its a about this twelve year old boy named Amos taking part in the tween idol award contest,using many ways and technique to gain supports.He got himself a twitter account to gain supports. However he is furious that his arch enemy, micheal is doing the same and is everywhere even in IM,youtube,Facebook,etc.He had to have a secr ect weapon,his siter WPI and her two girl band that so popular.He's sad that Alvin his bestfrined his also running against him in the contest.But he said ,may the best man win.Amos when through thick and thin , having to gain supports. However I learnt one thing.
Being famous by your own effort counts , helphing others doing good deeds to gain supporters, sincerity in inspiring excellence in others.Only then you are a real tween idol.His parents are glad even if his 2nd he did his best.He learnt to accept the truth of others.His three bestfriends are together again and are waiting for their psle results to be out.No matter what their result is they did their best."

love the series.writer really steps into amos's shoes".

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