That's My Hat! by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud (Hardback)

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Between the covers of That’s My Hat! lies a pop-up city that is full of surprises. The adventure unfolds in three dimensions with the turn of each page: a blue hat blows away with the wind, only to be stolen by a mischievous monkey. Readers must follow the monkey as he scampers through a library, a bakery, a zoo, and other familiar places, transformed in this playfully illustrated, interactive world.

Reading Level: 5+

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"I really enjoyed this book and so did my sons who are aged six and five. The excitement in their faces was evident with every turn of the page where a different pop up appeared.

Set upon a white background throughout makes the colours which are limited to just five appear much brighter that gives a sense of happiness throughout the book. This book tells a story about a boy and his hat, but it is also educational in the way the colours make different shapes throughout the book, which are repetitive which will allow children to remember.

"Fun pop-up that's also a seek and find. I loved that there's art behind the pop-ups. Reminded me a little bit of Harold and the Purple Crayon as well. Probably better for kids 6 and up.

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