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Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell (Hardback)

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Molly Lou Melon may be tiny, clumsy, buck-toothed, and with a voice "like a bullfrog being squeezed by a boa constrictor," but she doesn't mind. Her grandmother has utmost confidence in her, and tells her at every turn to believe in herself. "Sing out clear and strong and the world will cry tears of joy," Grandma says. But Molly Lou's self-assurance is put to the test when she moves to a new town, away from her friends and beloved grandmother. During her first week of school, Ronald Durkin taunts Molly Lou Melon in the dull-witted but sharp-edged manner of career bullies, calling her "shrimpo" and "bucky-toothed beaver." Our heroine barely flinches as she systematically sets out to prove herself, and Ronald Durkin ends up feeling pretty foolish.

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Reading Level: 4+


"One of my kids favorite books. The moral to the story is how Molly Lou Melon is different from everyone else, but that it's okay. Wise words from Grandma encourage Molly to stand up for herself, be true to herself, smile and be happy, and never give up. This is a book that I'll keep to read to my Grand babies one day in the very far Goodwill for this one! Huge five stars. Ages 4 to 94..."

"Molly Lou Melon is the cutest little eensy-weensy girl you've ever seen. She needs a ladder to climb up onto her bed. Her self-confidence, however, is bigger than Andre the Giant. No matter what ugly things that stereotypically-red-headed class bully Ronald Durkin says to her, she just grins her giant grinning grin and goes right ahead doing whatever it is she's doing, from creating the most beautiful paper snowflake ever to scoring a touchdown even though she's wearing a football helmet that comes all the way down to her navel.

You gotta love Molly Lou Melon. Gotta. Love. Her.

This is a read-aloud MUST for the first week of school."

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