Golden Books Sleepy Bunny Pat the Bunny Singapore

Sleepy Bunny Pat the Bunny by Golden Books (Cloth Book)

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Sleepy Bunny is a deluxe cloth book that is just perfect for bedtime. Children can move the plush Bunny from page to page and read all about how Bunny puts the toys away, has a yummy snack, and pulls up the covers to go to sleep.

*Despite our best efforts to predict the demand for books, the magical spells we use sometimes fail us. So to check if we have the book in-stock before you place your order, contact us at 6702 2452 or drop us an email at

Reading Level: 0+


"Very pretty cloth book, with a stuffed bunny.
It tucks into a couple of pages in the book.
My daughter can't really figure out what the rabbit is for, but she likes to hug the book during car rides."

"Lucas loves this book too! He pats Pat the Bunny and he mimicks the eating, waving, and everything else Pat does before going to sleep (:"

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