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Sleepy ABC by Margaret Wise Brown and Karen Katz (Board Book)

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From A is for Aaaah when a small kitten sighs to Z is for Zipper now zip into bed . . . here are twenty-six ways to say goodnight.

Margaret Wise Brown wrote this book not long after she wroteGoodnight Moon. (She knew a thing or two about putting little ones to bed.)

Now Karen Katz has made it shine with bright and cheerful new pictures. Any sleepy toddler will want to read this over and over . . . until it's really time to say go to sleep!

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Reading Level: 3+


"This book is adorable! The artwork (Karen Katz) is simple but the colors are bright. This book provides "26 ways to say goodnight" as it goes through each letter of the alphabet. "K is for kissing your mother goodnight..L is for listening when they turn out the light". I think children would love this book because of the colors and rhyme. Parents will also enjoy this book because it is a quick and easy read that provides a fun and clever way to introduce the alphabet."

"Perfect bedtime alpha review for the Little ones. Full of things toddlers love like animals and being tucked in by mom. Bright pictures keep them interested but not over stimulated for sleep. What a great way to master the alphabet maybe even get them to dream up some letters and make up there own rhymes. Just Perfect!"

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