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Rosie Goes to Preschool by Karen Katz (Hardback)

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Who better to offer advice to children facing the first day of preschool than the hugely popular, bestselling Karen Katz? It’s the first day of preschool, and the narrator, Rosie, knows everything a new preschooler needs to know. Rosie introduces the reader to her cubby, her teacher, her reading circle, her music class, her lunch table, and more.
With gentle, reassuring language and Katz’s signature bold, bright, and sweet artwork, Rosie Goes to Preschool will surely be a hit among the legions of children who have grown up reading Katz’s books. Now that these big boys and girls are ready to take their first big steps into school, Karen Katz is here to help.

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Reading Level: 3+


"Great for children getting ready to head to preschool. This book prepares little ones for a typical preschool day's routines, and includes little "Rosie's Tips" as extra tidbits of information, such as "Just kiss, hug, and wave bye-bye. Your grown-up will be back soon." which I like because it's not parent-specific. Sweet illustrations and an upbeat tone make this a great prep book for your pre-preschooler."

"This is the book to buy for your rising preschooler and read the summer before they start preschool. With bright illustrations and special tips from Rosie on how to survive preschool, you'll be comforted by ROSIE GOES TO PRESCHOOL as much as your young reader!"

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