Richard Scarry Please and Thank You Book Singapore

Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book by Richard Scarry (Paperback)

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The animal residents of Busytown learn useful lessons about manners, thoughtfulness, and caring in this perky, funny paperback.

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Reading Level: 3+


"My kids really enjoyed the little stories in this book. It is a great beginning book to emphasize manners and ways to love people. I took it and applied it to Scripture and would encourage others to do the same as otherwise it becomes just a type "self-help" books for kids."

"This book was an unexpected gold mine. It taught so much. With cute illustrations and playful stories, it addressed manners, common courtesies, kindnesses, a good work ethic, and more. I really, really liked the stories included in this volume. My favorite would have to be Pig Will and Pig Won't. My kids and I could not get enough of it."

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