Peter Pan Classic Collectible Pop Up by Robert Sabuda (Hardback)

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Readers will delight in this retelling of the classic story of "Peter Pan." Sabuda's elegant text and paper engineering give new life to favorite characters, and his beautiful pop-ups are further complemented by full-color illustrations that pull readers even deeper into the magical world that is Neverland.

Reading Level: 8-9

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"This a beautiful book that brings the fairy tale of Peter Pan to life. This story is a classic that helps children and adults alike use their imaginations. The pop ups are so impressive and I can't help but sit and inspect and stare at them too! It feels sturdy, although I still encourage the kids to not touch the tiny details of the pictures. The book is colorful and the doesn't miss any part of the actual story line either. The spine of the book is about 3.5" wide, so that can give you a bit of an indication on how big these pop ups really are. Oh, and every full page pop up has additional little story pages on the sides or corners with additional little pop ups to read and enjoy!

"An amazing fantasy tale with wonderful pop up pictures. A fantastic book for young children and adults who want to brighten there imagination. The book is extremely colorful and stays true to the original story line. Every full page pop up has an additional story page on the sides and corners with more pop ups for your enjoyment. One of my personal favorite books of all time. A true classic!"

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