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No Biting! by Karen Katz (Hardback)

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Even the most angelic babies sometimes hit or bite, and no one-not Mommy, or playmates, or even the family pet!-is exempt when the adorable, but frustrated, toddlers in No Biting! decide to act out. But just lift the flaps, and you'll discover that these babies know a better way to act after all. Refreshingly honest and all-too-true, this funny book is one that babies and parents will want to share again and again.

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Reading Level: 2+


"I like books by Karen Katz, and I'm using this book No Biting in a timely manner with my two-years old grand-daughter, Ellie, who has turned from darling to biter in the last two weeks! I liked the clear message and behavior choices: What is NOT appropriate to bite (e.g., fingers, friends)--and what IS (apples). In addition, this colorful, simple board book addresses lots of other toddler behavior (e.g., no hitting Mommy, no pushing in line, no kicking the dog) with healthy alternatives. Age appropriate with text and illustrations, Ellie likes it (and so does her sister)"

"I had a few preschoolers who bit in my class so I used this book to go over some classroom rules. It starts with NO BITING, what can you bight? The kids screamed APPLE! You flip the page and there is an apple. Then it goes on to NO HITTING, NO SPITTING, NO KICKING, NO PUSHING, etc and gives the kids alternative things they can do instead. You can hit a drum, you can push a swing, you can kick a ball, you can spit when you are brushing your teeth... I thought the illustrations were great and it helped the kids understand and remember the words better."

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