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Little Cloud by Eric Carle (Board Book)

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The clouds drift across the bright blue sky--all except one. Little Cloud trails behind. He is busy changing shapes to become a fluffy sheep, a zooming airplane, and even a clown with a funny hat. Eric Carle's trademark collages will make every reader want to run outside and discover their very own little cloud.

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Reading Level: 4+


"It's nice to read this book when the discussion of weather is brought to a class of younger children. This book will open discussion on how they too see clouds moving and changing shape."

"I love all of the Eric Carle books, and I was pleased to add this one to my collection. This book is about a little cloud who becomes different shapes, and then at the end rains. I used this book to introduce the water cycle to my class. I read this book to them, and then we did an experiment where we took dixie cups half full of water, and then sealed them off in Ziploc bags. We then hung the bags in the window and then observed the water cycle throughout the day. Love it!"

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