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Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild! by Mem Fox (Paperback)

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Harriet can’t help it, she is just one of those children who everything she touches turns to a mess, but she is going to drive her mum wild. This gentle story will appeal to every mum who has ever had a frustrating day with their toddler and every child who can’t help being pesky.

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Reading Level: 4+


"Squirt asks for this one again and again. For some reason he is fascinated by the conflict between this mother and daughter (?!!!) When it comes to the part where the mother finally loses her temper and yells and yells and yells, he wants me to read it quietly, "Not too loud, Mommy." He could've written this book himself, he's been through it so many times. Including the part where Mommy has to apologize for yelling. What an awesome book! Kids need to understand these situations. And I am fully warned - Squirt will never have a feather pillow, I'll not tempt fate."

"In this charming story by Mem Fox, Harriet is the kind of kid that most people see as a handful. In just one day, she knocks over her juice, paints on the carpet and falls off her chair at lunch with the entire tablecloth. Harriet doesn't mean to be such a nuisance, and her mother tries to be as patient as possible. Things start to change after more mishaps occur as blood pressure starts to rise and her Mother explodes. Overall, it is a recommended story involving accidents that led to successfully evoking emotions out of a parent. It is a nice read for all families who love each other and just make mistakes along the way."

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