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Firefighter Frank by Monica Wellington (Board Book)

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Firefighter Frank has one of the most important jobs in the community. Now young children can thrill to the sight of the shiny fire engines all ready to go. They can follow along as Frank keeps his gear in tip-top shape, gives safety tips to visiting children, and cooks supper for the crew. And when the alarm bell clangs, Frank and his team race to the scene to fight the fire and keep everyone safe.

Like Apple Farmer Annie, this picture book, painted with Monica Wellington's trademark color flair, simply and delightfully treats a topic that's already a field-trip fixture. Firefighter Frank also promotes teamwork and safety while celebrating a profession for which admiration is at an all-time high. As appealing as a hook-and-ladder zooming down the street, this book will leap off the shelves faster than booksellers can say, "Where's the fire?"

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Reading Level: 3+


"Another great title from Monica Wellington, this time about firefighters, their work and life in the station. This book is packed with information and, therefore, for older young children, preschoolers and above. Bright, clear illustrations complement the clear, informative writing."

"My three year old son loves this book. It's a great book explaining what firefighters do. Wellingtons' drawings are clear and fun to look at over and over."

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