David McKee Elmer and the Big Bird Singapore

Elmer and the Big Bird by David McKee (Hardback)

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One day, Elmer notices that there are no birds around. How strange! Soon he finds them hiding from the nasty bully bird in a nearby cave. The bully bird is mean and likes to frighten the little birds. Led by Elmer, the animals work together to frighten off the bully bird — and succeed!

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Reading Level: 5+


"The kids love Elmer and this is a great one. It teaches them a precious lesson: alone you may be bullied but stand together and you will win!"

"The much loved elephant Elmer is watching his cousin playing with his friends when he notices that there are no little birds flying around. A concerned Elmer searches for them only to find them hiding in a cave. He learns that a new bird has arrived and is bullying them. Despite her best efforts, the bully bird tells her that he will not stop being horrible. As the bully bird won’t back down, Elmer gathers the other animals to hatch a plan to teach the bully bird a lesson about bullying. By working together, the animals manage to save the day!

The lovable elephant stories are a favourite with children. The book provides a compelling story that can be associated with many children of all ages. This book is a fantastic resource to assist in teaching children about bullying and techniques that they could use if they, or someone they known, is being bullied. From reading this book, children can learn that there is strength in numbers and friends can be used to support each other when dealing with a bully. As always with the Elmer books, the illustrations are brilliant and are great for captivating the attention of KS1 pupils.

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