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Draw Me A Star by Eric Carle (Hardback)

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Carle says this extraordinary book came from a memory and a dream. The memory was of his German grandmother showing him how to draw a simple star. In the dream, a bright shooting star picked him up and carried him across the night sky. The memory was the beginning of the story, and the dream was the end. The middle, he writes, was easy!

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Reading Level: 3+


"Eric Carle's book Draw Me a Star is yet another wonderful example of his incredible artwork and creative story telling. The book begins with the narrator asking the artist to draw a star, then the sun, a tree, a man and a woman, house, dog, and so on until the artist becomes an old man who has drawn everything in the world according to the narrators requests. This is a classic Eric Carle book, full of big two page spreads with incredible beautiful images. The concept of the book is something a little different than his usual story lines, an adult might interoperate the book a little differently than a child with greater meaning. But the large images and simple text with repetition are great components for younger readers. "

"This was a visually stunning book. The text was easy enough for my five-year-old son to read most of it, and, yet, as he read it a simply lovely story unfolded. Yup, there is a nude couple in this book. Nope, it is not graphic. Yup, my son saw it. Nope, it didn't faze him in the slightest. "

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