Encyclopedia Mythologica: Dragons & Monsters Pop-Up by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda (Hardback)

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Lurking behind this intriguing cover, a Kraken grapples with a ship on the high seas; dragons from Eastern and Western traditions spring to life; and a Medusa, snake-hair twisting and hissing, turns the reader to stone. Deeper inside, an ancient, decrepit vampire rises from his coffin; a lycanthrope is caught in the light of the full moon and transforms; and Bigfoot hides behind a tree, ducking his human pursuer. Master paper engineers Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda unfold the legends and lore of cultures around the world to reveal these stunning creatures and many more. Pop-up fans and fantasy lovers will be equally enthralled by the dynamic creatures depicted in this astonishing volume, the climax of the Encyclopedia Mythologica trilogy. 

In a breathtaking grand finale, the world’s mythical pop-up masters unleash monsters and dragons that have prowled countrysides and imaginations for centuries.

Reading Level: 10-12

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"This is the kind of pop-up I think it's best not to know what's on the inside. That way when you turn the pages you can be surprised by the figures you'll see ^-^ I love the Chinese dragon mid-way through the book. It's so detailed and beautiful, it's perfect for your pop-up book collection and I didn't know this but I believe it's part of a trilogy!! I'm in so much trouble with this new book buying habit I'm forming. God help me. Anyways, the creatures in this book are really detailed and it plays with the imagination, all round a plus.

"Fabulous pop-ups with enlightening text on everything from Greek mythological characters to the Mothman to Asian dragons. The pop-up of the vampire raising the lid of his coffin is spectacular, but ALL of Sabuda and Reinhart's works are."

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