Phyllis Limbacher Tildes Baby Animals Black and White Singapore

Baby Animals Black and White by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes (Board Book)

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This captivating board book features the striking black-and-white faces of eight adorable baby animals. Research has shown that infants respond more readily to black and white images, making this book an ideal choice for the very young.

*Despite our best efforts to predict the demand for books, the magical spells we use sometimes fail us. So to check if we have the book in-stock before you place your order, contact us at 6702 2452 or drop us an email at

Reading Level: 0+


"To an adult this board books seems simplistic and boring but if you want to start using books with your infant from birth this is a great choice. Simple black and white images of animals great for developing eyes. My two month old seems mesmerized. A good first ASL signing book too!"

"It's wordless and short, but the images are striking. This is the first book my daughter ever responded to, so it has a special place in my heart. Guess she likes baby otters."

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