Peter Stein Cars Galore Singapore

Cars Galore by Peter Stein (Board Book)

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Buckle up for an exuberant ride humming with energetic rhymes and whimsical, retro art from a masterful team.

Black car, green car,
nice car, mean car.
Near car, far car.
Whoa! Bizarre car!

Ready to hit the road? Gear up for a nonstop parade of shapes, sizes, sounds, and even smells in a wild array of cars packed with big personalities, awesome features, and eccentric passengers. Driven by Peter Stein’s bouncing verse, Bob Staake’s high-powered artwork merges vibrant color and crisp, dynamic design with humor, warmth, and whimsy. This rousing excursion is sure to thrill all fans of things that go, as well as aficionados of the illustrator’s signature style.

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Reading Level: 4+


"Fun book! Lots of repetition (almost Seussian, think The Foot Book) and rhyme. Bright, interesting illustrations support the text and give readers a lot to look at, especially in subsequent readings. This would be a fun storytime read, it oozes with enthusiasm and excitement!"

"I was looking for a book with simple text and cars on every page for my car-obsessed toddler, and this fits the bill perfectly. He absolutely loves it, and lets Daddy know he's ready for bed by telling him "Cars Galore." Since this was a library book, I think we're going to have to buy this one!"

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